Ben Cardall – The Roobik Booklet

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“Ben’s Roobik Booklet is a must-buy for anyone who is even remotely interested in magic or mentalism using the Cube. New effects that make sense and new methods that are designed for real world performance. Great work!” -Mark Elsdon


SYMETRO-CUBE: Two un-gimmicked Rubik’s cubes are shown. 1 is handed to the spectator the other is handed to the mentalist. They each take the cubes behind their backs to mix them up.

They are brought forward and each examines the others so there can be no cheating. On looking for similarities between the colours it is discovered that somehow the Rubik’s cubes completely!

Match up on all sides. Sleeves are rolled up throughout! Leaves Em speechless! A 1 in 43,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance!

MEMORISED CUBE: You demonstrate your uncanny ability to memorise the order of a mixed cube. You can then name the order of colours on any or all sides of the cube. A perfect precursor to Rubik Remembered!

INFLUBIK: A 4 person version of the „which hand‟ game but „which person instead. They are given a cube and told to mix it up and pass it from person to person under the table.

Not only do you show that you have predicted which person will end up with the cube when they choose to stop passing it around but you have predicted the exact configuration of the mixed up cube!

SPECOPSYCUBE: Simply put a spectator perfectly predicts the configuration of one side of a cube that has been mixed up by another spectator!

PSYCUBONUMBER: You perfectly predict the 9 digit configuration on one side of a Sudoku cube!

THINK OF A COLOUR: Ask one spectator to think of a colour and another to throw a solved cube into the air. And they have thought of the colour that lands on top. About a 90% hit rate!

RUBIK’S CHAIR TEST-EROONIE: A baffling performance where you beat impossible odds, influence a lot of choices and with an ending that no-one sees coming!

Snippet taken from Atlas Brookings’ review from his blog on

‘When I first saw Ben Cardall’s The Roobik Booklet, I was instantly intrigued. I knew from those years of frustration that the Rubik’s cube is already magic to most people, and I couldn’t wait to see how he would employ its time-honored reputation for impossibility to his advantage. Let me just quickly say that he does. Seven times.

Ben puts forth effects that span the gamut of improbable to inexplicable in his work, the whole while relying on the fact that most people are hopeless when it comes to thinking about the inner workings of the device.

He gives great tips for both those with a working knowledge of the cube as well as for first-time “cubers” (coined!).

He does so with great love of the craft and a delightful sense of humor. It is easy to tell from his writing that he is a passionate performer and the text has also been admirably polished.

Given the price, and number of routines, if you are at all interested in the Rubik’s Cube and the undeniable level of authenticity it lends any effect, you would be well served to check out Ben’s work.’