Annihilate Your Stage Fright with Sasha Crespi

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The Fast-Action Guide To Annihilating Your Stage Fright And Performing Fearlessly!

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“I wish I had this 15 years ago. Friggin brilliant!” -Adam Wilber, Fooled Penn & Teller

“Very Effective Stuff!” -Scott Alexander, Semi-Finalist on America’s Got Talent

Stage Fright Annihilation is a 34 minute-audiobook by Sasha Crespi, columnist for VANISH International and international author of the bestselling ‘StageCraft’. These are the very secrets Sasha used to prepare for his performances for The Queen of England, The Duke of Edinburgh, George Clooney and Sting.

Inside Stage Fright Annihilation, you’ll learn:

-The (brief!) science of Stage Fright: what it is, how it’s caused and how to never feel it again!
-The Master Technique: A simple and covert 15-second exercise that will calm the shakes, kill the sweats and ease the nerves. Say goodbye to those butterflies in your stomach!
-Troubleshooting: common misconceptions about stage fright, how to get over the fear of public speaking and more!
-Bonus: A simple and underused strategy to put you in flow-state before ever setting a foot on stage!

And the best part? The whole process takes less than 20 seconds!