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Shibboleth – n 1. a peculiarity of pronunciation, behavior, mode of dress, etc that distinguishes people of one group or class from those of another. 2. A word or phrase identified with a particular group or cause. About Shibboleth–“Shibboleth” is the only book in the Psi-Book Series that is not topic-specific. The book categorizes advanced mentalism effects into several sections:

  1. Clairsentience Effects
  2. Meta-psionic Effects
  3. Metagenic Effects
  4. Precognitive Effects
  5. Psychosomatic Effects
  6. Pyrokinetic Cryokinetic Effects
  7. Telekinetic Effects
  8. Telepathic Effects

Unique to this book is a chapter dedicated in “alchemical mentalis”, that is, mentalism effects that require the use of chemical preparations.

About the Author–Angelo Stagnaro has performed magic and mentalism since he was 13-years-old. He has performed his platform and parlor show in the United States, Italy, Denmark, and Singapore and street magic in Indonesia, Tibet, China, Japan, and India. Other than the Psi-book Series, his other main magic writing includes “Smoke and Mirrors”, the Internet’s largest monthly e-zine for stage and close-up magicians. The seventy-page electronic periodical is sent out to 4000 professionals in 76 countries. Pages 150 – Hardbound w/ Dustjacket.

Personal Note: I used to receive (unrequested) Smoke & Mirrors. One day, after going through several hundred lines of outdated material, I sent the following to Angelo Stagnaro:

“Am wondering why this is heavily devoted to announcements for events in mid-2007 when it was sent in September? Do you moderate this in any way, was it a slip up, or should I just unsubscribe as I have no interest in the above? Thanks, Tim”

Seemed reasonable enough to me…

The same day I received the following email in response from Angelo Stagnaro: “Tim, Please don’t do me any favors. What makes you think that I’m in the business of trying to make you happy? I very rarely get criticisms about Smoke & Mirrors but yours was far and away the most narcissistic and self-serving comment I’ve ever received. Instead of whining to me, maybe you should seek professional help, get back on your meds or develop social better social skills. Either way, and I quote from your letter, I “have no interest in” you and your infantile complaints. If you complain to someone who is doing you a favor, at least have the common decency and intellgence to write in proper English. Yours Sincerely, Angelo Stagnaro PS. Don’t worry…I’ve removed you from my list already. PPS. Don’t bother writing back as I’ve blocked you from my account.”

I will state that I believe Mr. Stagnaro to be, at the very least, a coward for blocking himself (in advance) from any response. Instead, my response is here. I leave it to the reader to determine who should “seek professional help, get back on your meds or develop social better social skills.” Still, the best line is when I am accused of not having the “intellgence (sic) to write in proper English.” Ah well…