Allan Ackerman – Penguin Live Online Lecture (October 20th, 2013)


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“Allan is the best card technician I have seen!” -Paul Harris

“Allan has a reputation for being one of the best card men in the world.” -Steve Draun

“Allan is one of the cheaper better acts.” -Jay Marshall

“I taught the kid everything he knows.” -Ed Marlo

“You will learn much, even if you know it all.” -Harvey Rosenthal

What will he teach?


  • The HP Add-on
  • The HP Center Load
  • The FANcy Pass
  • The A.I. Move
  • The HP Bottom Palm
  • The Oops Addition
  • Thirty Minute Memorized Deck & Bonus Cull
  • M & H Multiple Shift
  • Tweaking the Veeser
  • Bluff Shift
  • The Cliff Green Add-on
  • The Burnable Bottom deal
  • OPOS Count
  • Fingertip Rhythm
  • The Simulated Double Undercut
  • Ultimate Gesture Cut


  • Technicolor Splits
  • The Splits
  • A Cull for RB
  • An Invisible Card
  • Another Ride on Mass Transit
  • Predetermined Cutting
  • Impromptu Predetermined Cutting
  • Searching for a Thought
  • Impromptu Searching for a Thought
  • Another Interlaced Vanish
  • Never Ending Elevator
  • Royal Marriage Trilogy
  • Technicolor Progressive
  • Isolating the General
  • The World’s Greatest Card Cheat

Who is he?

Get ready for an incredible journey into super-subtle sleight-of-hand and carefully crafted presentations that all of you lovers of card-magic are going to LOVE!

Allan specializes in sleight of hand magic with playing cards. He has written a series of books, and performed on several instructional DVDs that teach sleight of hand from elementary all the way up to advanced card work. Ackerman has also been a professor of mathematics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and in addition to card magic, he also performs coin magic.

For the better part of the last thirty years Allan has shared ideas with some of the best card men in the world. These experiences, together with his own research, have resulted in a collection of original and useful material which he offers to the magic fraternity. Allan has lectured extensively all over the US and Europe. His lecture consists of material drawn from his lecture notes and DVDs. You will learn new and sophisticated techniques and applications suitable for professional performances.

He has studied under Ed Marlo, the famous Chicago cardician, and now lives in Las Vegas. At the Community College of Southern Nevada he teaches MCSE, MCSA, Net+ & A+ Certifications.