Adrian Fowell – Psyspell (Video + pdf)


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Several objects are arranged in a row. They may all be borrowed.

The performer writes a prediction and it is given to a member of the audience for safekeeping.

One of the spectators is invited to assist. She names any interesting word that jumps into her mind at that moment.

Starting from the beginning of the row, her thought of word is spelled out by moving along the objects, letter by letter. The object upon which the last letter of her word falls becomes the starting point/word for the second phase. (If the end of the row is reached, the spelling is continued in the opposite direction until the conclusion of the word).

For the second phase, assuming that the opportunity exists, she is given a choice as to which direction the spelling of the name of the current object will be done (towards the left or towards the right from the currently selected object’s location). Its name is spelled out accordingly, using the next object in the row for each of its letters as before. Wherever the last letter falls, that object becomes the starting point/word for the third and final phase.

Again, the helper chooses the direction in which the spelling will take place. The object on which the last letter falls becomes the spectator’s final chosen object.

It’s clear to all that had the helper thought of a different starting word, or chosen different spelling directions during each phase, that the outcome would have been different. Indeed, other spectators can play along in their minds using their own starting word and directionchoices and they will get completely different results.

Yet the prediction bears the name of the main spectator’s chosen object with total accuracy. 

  • 100% bulletproof
  • Can be performed completely impromptu using everyday objects found in bars, restaurants, coffee shops etc., or with objects that people carry around daily
  • All items can be borrowed
  • Can be immediately repeated for the same person with a different outcome (there are always three phases as per the effect description and demo video)
  • No weird or regional spellings
  • There are no forces of starting word or spelling directions chosen, no equivoque is used, and the spectator’s choices are 100% free
  • Only one prediction (which they have had from the start, that you never touch again and that they open and read) is used
  • No stooges, pre-show or confederates
  • Self working

INSTANT DOWNLOAD – Video Instructions shot in a living room with an iPhone. Includes supplementary PDF