Abhinav Bothra – The Automatic Prediction (Instant Download)


21st Century Playing Card Prediction without using Playing cards.

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The performer caught without props picks up a piece of paper & writes his prediction. The prediction is given to an audience member to keep secure.

The performer explains that he is prepared for moments like these.
He further explains – A few weeks ago I shuffled up a deck of cards, once done- I dropped them one by one a table and asked a friend to film it. Let me show you..!!

He then plays a video and demonstrates how the video can be paused and played.
Next, the video gets played once again and the performer holds his cellphone by the corners screen side down.
The participant pauses the video wherever he/she feels like, the phone is turned screen side up and it is found that the video is paused at a playing card.

The prediction is turned over and it is a perfect match.

Features :
– 99.99% Automatic
– Instantly Repeatable.
– No Internet required.
– Uses only your smartphone.
– No special application required.
– Comes with the video that you need.
– Easy enough that you can do it half asleep.

ps. This was earlier sold at a different portal under the name Immaculate Prediction.