Abhinav Bothra – T.N.T. Hypnosis (Video + PDF)


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There are a lot of popular sources on Stage/Street Hypnosis and all of them teach you what you need to know to be a successful hypnotist but miss out/under explore certain WHATs & WHYs like –

~ What is the difference between conscious & sub-conscious mind?
~ Why do hypnotists often change their pace of speech?
~ Why is it difficult to hypnotise children?
~ Why should we dress well when Hypnosis is all verbal?
~ What effect does fractionation have on our mind?
and many more..

There are no tips or skits in here; this is just knowledge that you’ll read.
Knowledge that will deepen your love & understanding for hypnosis and will elevate your performance of hypnosis.

When you purchase this you’ll get an explanation video (a digital white board video, like the demo video) that superficially goes through the WHATs & WHYs & a short but informative PDF file that explains the same in detail.

Video: 9 minutes 50 seconds
eBook: 2926 words (12 pages approx)