Wayne Houchin – Penguin Live Lecture (March 27th, 2016)


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“I loved it and envy Houchin’s creative mind.” – Scott Wells
“What wonderful, intelligent and emotionally charged magic that is well conceived, well presented and well taught. What a great evening!” – Marc DeSouza
“All of Houchin’s effects have been honed to take full advantage of the moment ­ and to leave the spectator feeling they had experienced something truly special. This lecture will leave your members thinking and talking about it.” – Don Deich​ “Vlad”, Vice President Ring 248

What will he teach?

Strange Ideas​ is the new presentation from Wayne Houchin whose work as a performance artist, magician, and dare­devil has made him one of the most popular mystery entertainers in the world. Part performance and part lecture, ​Strange Ideas​ features a variety of new magic and surprising variations from the creator of Sinful: The Signed Coin in Can, French Kiss, Thread, Stigmata, Counterfeit (torn & restored card), and Ultragaff. You will learn magic with needles, string, a helium balloon, dollar bills, cards, and more. Houchin’s magic is powerful and practical and is suitable for both close up and parlour style performances.
A Single Needle  
The Drawing to Impossible Location  
The Transposition of a Torn Bill  
and more!

Who is he?

Wayne Houchin has been described as equal parts con-man, street magician, and daredevil. In 1999 he made headlines when he successfully escaped from a strait-jacket while hanging 50 feet above a crowded intersection – he was 16 years old. Houchin’s work as a performance artist, magician and daredevil has made him one of the most popular and exciting mystery entertainers in the world. Houchin designs his own magic illusions and stunts. His original illusions have captured the imagination of magicians and audiences alike. David Blaine, Criss Angle, Dynamo and many other magicians perform magic that Houchin created. His acclaimed performance and lecture tour has taken him to more than 30 countries. He has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, headlined the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, made history in the Dominican Republic by stopping time during a live nationally televised stunt, and has been a guest speaker at Trinity College’s Science Gallery.
Houchin currently stars in the Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic / Magic of Science which has been watched by more than 100 million people worldwide.Wayne Houchin has traveled the world, exploring mystery and sharing magic in more than 30 countries. He was a guest speaker on magic, science, and illusion at Trinity College in Ireland and Oxford University in England. His TV series ​Breaking Magic: The Magic of Science​ aired on the Discovery Channel and was watched by more than 100 million people in 224 countries.