Unknown Mentalist – Kolossal Kisser (official pdf)


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Effect as perceived by the audience: The performer gives a single envelope containing a single playing card as a prediction to a member of the audience. Then another random member of the audience is asked to freely name any playing card. Any one from among 52 cards which the spectator does. The performer’s prediction is then proved to be correct, that too in a stunning manner.Presentation Options: Several interesting presentational approaches are described, one of which deals with the losing participant giving a kiss to the performer. After handing over the prediction envelope to the audience member the performer never ever touches the envelope except at the end to simply take out the predicted card.

Now consider the following for what is NOT the method.

  • The envelope is ungimmicked and there is really only one playing card inside it.
  • No wallet is needed to perform this.
  • No sleights. No pre show. No stooges.
  • No dual reality or instant stooging.
  • No equivoque. No forcing. No math.
  • No verbal jugglery. Nothing written down.
  • No peeks, no impressions, no tearing.
  • No other playing cards are used except the one in the envelope.
  • No threads, no electronics, no dinosaurs and no rocket science.

The method is almost impromptu and completely self working and easy to perform. You can start performing it right after reading the instructions, although perfecting your presentation is always a good thing. You will surely fall in love with this principle and will start having your own ideas for using this in many other ways.Those who know Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper will really appreciate this innovation. Here the possibilities are much higher. And there is an apparently delicious false climax where the performer initially seems to miss closely. But finally it turns into a stunning climax where everything comes good in a most unexpected manner.

As a bonus, a very cool version of using this principle to predict a participant’s year of birth is included. This is designed to work for participants aged right from 5 years up to 77 years!

“I just finished to read, you are a mathematical genius! This is a very different approach to this classic, maybe not for everyone but is something nice to have in the wallet. Bravo!” – Luca Volpe

1st edition 2016, 19 pages.
word count: 3982 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text