Unknown Mentalist – Kolossal Kicker (official pdf)


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The amazing principle of Kolossal Kisser is taken to a whole new level in this Kolossal Kicker. An already fantastic principle is further expanded into an unconventional and totally unexplored territory with immense possibilities. There are significant additions to the basic method which add many layers of deception and make the routines all the more baffling and entertaining.Kolossal Kicker contains the following four routines.

Routine One – WORDS

Right in the beginning the performer keeps in full view his prediction in a sealed envelope. A participant is given a list of about 80-90 words in which all the words are unique and no words are repeated. The participant is asked to randomly choose any one word from the list. There is absolutely no force. And this choice matches the prediction in a stunning manner.

Routine Two – PLACES

Here again there is a sealed prediction in full view right from the beginning. From a list of about 70-80 different places all over the world, a participant is asked to randomly choose any one place – again no force. All the places are unique and none are repeated. And this choice matches the performer’s prediction in an unbelievable manner.


The theme here is about imaginary or mythical places from popular books like Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter etc. A participant is asked to randomly choose any one mythical place from among a list of about 80-90 such fictitious places. Again her choice matches the performer’s prediction in an absolutely amazing manner. In this list too, none of the places are repeated and all are unique.

Routine Four – EMOTIONS

From a list which mentions about 80-90 common emotions experienced by human beings in their daily life, a participant chooses an emotion randomly and this again matches the performer’s prediction in a baffling manner. The list contains all different and unique emotions and none of them are repeated.

All the four routines are based on different but clever extensions/expansions of the basic Kolossal Kisser principle. Now consider the following for what the method is NOT.

The envelope is ungimmicked and there is really only one prediction card inside it.

  • No wallet is needed to perform this.
  • No sleights. No pre show. No stooges.
  • No dual reality or instant stooging.
  • No equivoque. No forcing. No math.
  • No verbal jugglery. Nothing written down by the participant.
  • No peeks, no impressions, no tearing.
  • No other prediction cards are used except the one in the envelope.
  • No threads, no electronics, no dinosaurs and no rocket science.

The routines are almost impromptu and completely self working and easy to perform. You can start performing them right after reading the instructions, although perfecting your presentation is always a good thing. You will surely fall in love with this principle and the unconventional expansions described and will start having your own ideas for using this in many other ways.

“I think they (the routines) are amazing and a triumph of mentalism advancement. I have seen nothing like it before. Will try some slight revision and put the word list in a show to test it.” – Marc Salem

1st edition 2016, 19 pages.
word count: 3621 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text