Unknown Mentalist – AUDIO PEEK (official PDF) (Instant Download)


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Audiopeek is an unconventional peeking technique using the auditory sense and not
the usual sight/vision sense. This simple and easy technique/method/habit can be
comfortably incorporated into one of our most common everyday activities.

The Audiopeek technique consists of 3 steps, which are as follows.
1.Creating conditions for performing an Audiopeek.
2.Actually doing an Audiopeek when the conditions support.
3.Using the information thus gained in an appropriate and impactful manner.

Audiopeek will yield some tremendous results to you in the long run without you
having to invest any time or money into it. Just a simple and easy change of habit and
you have a method or system for life which will help you to peek and reveal some of
the most seemingly impossible information to your participants.

Audiopeek has a couple of limitations.
1.This is not a 100% surefire method.
2.This is not an ‘active’ peek but a ‘passive’ peek. In other words, the process is not
‘proactive’ but only ‘reactive’ in nature.

Having said that, let me emphasise that the advantages far outweigh the limitations.

You will surely enjoy using Audiopeek.