Tommy Wonder & Tom Stone – Building an act


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In 2005, Tommy Wonder published a booklet with advice on how to build an act. For some unknown reason, it never got distributed and only a few close friends have seen it.

With the permission of Tommy Wonder’s Estate, this lost manuscript is now finally released as an ebook.

It also contains additional writing by Tom Stone on the topic of how to create a whole show.

40 pages. 19 illustrations.

Building an Act is an inspirational manuscript, from two professionals that know what they are talking about! There is no foolish, academic “theory”, just practical advice on getting started on your creation.
Often, what is lacking in building your dream act, is the confidence and encouragement that you can do it. It is provided here in spades, but you will still have to contribute the courage, hard work, and dicipline.
Rest assured, Wonder and Stone want you to succeed, and even list the pitfalls and setbacks they have experienced in their own efforts. It’s all part of the process, and these professionals have given you the road map to follow.
Get Building an Act, and get to work!
John Carney