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In this extraordinary Astonishing Essay, Tina Lenert delivers a personal, uplifting piece of writing unlike anything you’ve ever read in magic. Part autobiography, part instructional manual, and all inspirational, Tina Lenert recounts her earliest days as a mime, and how she transitioned into one of the most lauded and acclaimed stage magicians in our industry.

Tina demonstrates how to develop a character and an act that incorporates movement and authenticity, and she does this through recounting her own journey to find “the mop,” the signature prop used in the act that made her famous.

The emphasis in Finding the Spotlight is on movement and stagecraft, and about finding the experts that can help you develop your material. It’s all wrapped in a sometimes harrowing but ultimately uplifting tale of Tina’s life, which is a quest for inner-strength, and excellence onstage.

“I love this little book. It’s so you and so frank and direct. Unadorned, and unpretentious, like your work. I bet there will be lots of young magicians who will find inspiration in learning how you found your way in each of the incarnations of your show.”Teller

74 pages.