Thomas Riboulet – Dark Connection 2.0 (Instant Download)

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This is brand new edition of Dark Connection project now available. A colored Ebook, a much more complete description, more in-depth variants and a more detailed psychological approach.

The performer shows a deck of cards, turns round, wears a blindfold and asks a spectator to cut a few card from the deck. The spectator shuffles the card and when he wants, show the first card of the pile.

Then, the spectator is requested to take a bigger pack of card, and cut this pack as he wants, to lose the card he saw amongst the others. The rest of the deck is placed above cards inside the spectator hand.

Once the performer is facing the spectator again, he explains that he will take the cards the spectator is holding and show them to him one by one. During this sequence, the spectator is asked to look at every single card the same way. But when he sees his card, he has to say STOP in his mind.

Without ever looking at the face of any card and without saying a word, always with the blindfold on his eyes the performer slowly shows each card. Magically, or by telepathy, the magician finds the card that the spectator chose and is thinking of right now!

Imagine if you could reveal a card that has been simply peeked at while your back was turned and your eyes were closed. Imagine if you never look at the face of the cards or asks any questions…Imagine if you have the possibility to reveal this thought of card in such a way that it would seem like real mind reading or telepathy. This card effect could become a powerful and emotional piece of mentalism. Imagine an effect that is super easy to perform with a normal deck. Do not imagine anymore… This is Dark Connection.

The new version is more complete with a lot of new ideas, variations, and psychological approach (ACAAN, Fishing and mind-reading, mathematical principle…)

– A simple but diabolical principle,
– Very easy to do,
– No memory work,
– The reset is instantaneous,
– Normal deck of card, NO GIMMICK,
– Ebook (PDF) in English and French language of about forty pages, including 25 color photographs,
– Facebook group with a lot of new great ideas