THIS IS NUTS by Anthony Asimov (Instant Download, video+pdf)


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“I have been closing my weekly close-up show with THIS IS NUTS for 4 years. At the lounge where I perform, the bartenders always know when I do this trick because they can hear the audience freaking out upstairs! I also close with this effect at The Magic Castle. I won’t end my show with anything else, ever.” – Anthony Asimov

“THIS IS NUTS is easily a reputation maker.” – Wizard Product Review

“His magic is first-rate.” – MAGIC Magazine

This is the trick Anthony performed for Penn & Teller. While it didn’t fool them, it fools everyone else! If you are looking for a closer for your close-up or parlor show, look no further. This routine is extremely easy to perform, and creates a truly magical moment for your audience.

You bring out a bowl of ordinary walnuts (really!).
You ask someone to select ANY CARD in the deck (really!).
You take some walnuts out of the bowl and place them into a row on the table.
You spell out the card and land on a walnut.
You crack open the walnut and the chosen card is folded up inside the walnut.

Clean, straight-forward, impossible magic. There is NO sleight of hand, and no funny or unnatural moves. The spectator has a 100% free selection of any card in the deck (they can change their mind as often as they like), and the card just ends up in the walnut… simple as that.

The download includes a live performance of the routine in front of a real un-coached audience, step-by-step instructions by Anthony (with guest magician, Jeff Black), a PDF download, and all of the tips that put the polish on an extraordinary and memorable illusion.

When you see how easy this is to perform, you’ll be stockpiling walnuts because you’re going to be doing this routine all the time!