The Whisper Tapes Vol. 11 Third Eye By Lewis Le Val


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The perfect, impromptu way of demonstrating a sixth sense with a deck of playing cards!


It’s as simple as this; after your spectator shuffles the deck, you hold the deck with one hand behind your back. They then cut any amount of cards off the deck and take the card they cut to. After memorising the card, they shuffle it into the cards they are holding.
ALL of this is done behind your back whilst you look away. Then, you are not only able to locate the position of the spectator’s card, you are also able to reveal what their card is with 100% accuracy, every. single. time.



– No gimmicks
– No stacks
– Deck is genuinely shuffled by the spectator
– Deck can be examined
– Can also be performed with a borrowed deck


In this volume you will learn this extremely easy yet powerful routine, along with a number of presentational ideas and method variations! No matter what your skill level is in mentalism or with playing cards, you will be able to perform this routine instantly.


Unleash the power of your third eye today in this brand new volume of The Whisper Tapes!