The Crowley Test by Luke Jermay – (ebook + audio training files)


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“The Crowley Test” by Luke Jermay is a stunning demonstration of an unusual psychic skill, set to an engaging narrative of the ‘most wicked man in the world’ and his discoveries and teachings about telepathy, psychometry and mind reading.  The routine is designed to be performed in close up an casual settings with the performer sat with spectators around a table.  It is structured in three distinct phases each with their own climaxes that build to a satisfying and deeply impactful conclusion.

In the first phase you have three spectator think about happy memories from their past and ‘charge’ three blank business cards with their energy by writing a single word about their experience on their card.  These cards are mixed with many other identical but blank cards, by the audience members in the fairest of fashions.  The blindfolded performer is then able to, under impossible conditions, locate the three ‘emotionally charge target cards’ as he deals the stack of papers to the table.

You then take this skill even further by matching the energy from each of the cards to each of your spectators handing the correct papers back to their proper owners.  Finally you take things to the extreme when you display your ability to ‘read’ the energy of each spectator and reveal specific details about the happy experiences they focused on at the outset of the demonstration.

“The Crowley Test” is so much more than the sum of its parts.  Included in addition to the in-depth training on the method and subtilise employed is the word for word, professional script as used by Jermay in his own real world performances.   This script elevates the routine to a stagger experience of mystery in the minds of the audience.

“The Crowley Test” training package download includes a professionally edited and typeset instructional PDF (4,981 words) file as well as 3 audio training files (78 minutes) to ensure you have everything you could possibly need to perform this remarkable demonstration effortlessly is at your disposal.

The routine is designed to be performed in casual and close up setting, sat at a table with spectators.  You will require some blank card stock, a smartphone and three marker pens to perform the routine.  The download includes a professionally edited and types set PDF file (4,981 words) as well as 3 audio training files totalling 78 minutes in duration.