Thaddius Barker – Omniscient (official pdf)


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With work hailed by Peter Turner and Kenton Knepper, Thaddius excells in creating direct Mind Reading, edging towards the psychological in presentation and actual working.  He is also a minister, so he has learned how to bridge the gap between mentalism performance without making any psychic claims.

  • Exclusive to Wonder Wizards
  • Win or tie playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with anyone… due to your intuitive and psychological abilities.
  • Know which hand a person hides a coin in behind their back repeatedly, using real influence and mental powers.
  • Know when a person is lying or telling the truth in performance using psychological ploys.
  • Intuit how many fingers a person is hiding behind their back, and repeat this too.
  • Uses real mental abilities, influence and psychology.
  • Failsafe physical methods always work while you learn to do it all for REAL.