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“Steve’s ‘Edison Notes’ is a fantastic new source of Mentalism in which you can really feel the care and passion of this amazing man. I love the conceptualization of his techniques and principles. I am honored to be part of this as inspiration, and I can’t wait to read more from his mind!” – Pablo Amira

“Steve Wachner is a clever thinker, practical performer, and a fine student of my teachings. I know you will not only be impressed with his thinking, but find useful, practical material here as a mentalist or realistic Mind Reader. Steve has to have material that WORKS because he works constantly. Get access to his insights and innovative tools in this 70+ page book.” – Kenton Knepper


Letter Bomb – Prove to your audience that you were able to influence them to choose a particular
letter of the alphabet. This is a scripting principle to enhance a normal letter guess routine.

Anything in the World – A participant is instructed to think of anything in the world, with a little help
from the performer. They are able to change their mind multiple times and you never have to touch
the paper they write on.

Dark Star – Steve’s opening script for a Zodiac reveal

Bedroom Light – Make a random word or playing card reveal more personal by speaking out details
of a thought of room.

Heartland Feeling – Reveal details of seemingly any location a spectator thinks of during a playing
card routine.

“Naturally Drawn To” Principle – A verbal Out that allows you to attempt to guess birth months,
Zodiac signs, a main category for a reading, and more. The structure of the sentence instantly
washes away a miss. This is a further examination of the principle used in Letter Bomb.

Cold Cuts and Candy – Takes the Naturally Drawn To structure and applies it to cold cutting to a chosen card in a deck.

Modesto – A way to guess a U.S. state that someone is thinking of with no props. Without asking a
question you can know if you’re able to reveal the state propless or if you have to go to the fully
described Out. Very little memory work, but includes tips to have this involve no memory work.

Binoculars – Seemingly reveal someone’s ATM PIN during a card routine.

Also included are essays on using your real intuition, character development, making Mind
Reading look real, inspiring creativity, and more.