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Steve’s 2020 Virtual Workshop PDF

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I’m not going to spend a lot of time trying to hype this. I’ve been releasing products and ideas for maybe seven years now and this is probably my favorite one. I got to host this lecture as a virtual event twice during the 2020 pandemic and hope to bring it on the road in the next year or two, but I thought I’d give people an opportunity to pick up the workshop PDF in the meantime.

This will be a limited offering. After about a month I’ll pull it down from the internet. Of course that means it’ll be immediately pirated, but if you ever feel the need to go to a pirated website for my material, please just reach out to me first and see if we can work something out.

This PDF includes material from almost every book I’ve released. For this first chunk of my time as a creator I focused on what is commonly known as Progressive Anagram work and I think I’ve put together some outstanding ploys and methods.

You’ll learn full routines, ways to get into the routines, what I’d like to think is the best P.A.’s on the market, and my thoughts on making the material work in real world scenarios.

My goal is to have minimal memorization. I want the letters to be in the same order each time, no matter how I have to branch off. I want to have the smallest amount of letters used. And I want to minimize the process (as well as introduce it logically) in order to not have it stand out like a sore thumb.

That’s it. I’m not going to hype it any more. If you own any of my other products (Edison Notes, Tesla Files, Alphabet Soup, War of the Currents) then you’ll want to look over the list below to see where there is overlap in material.

If $80 is too high of a pricetag for you, check out my pdf Alphabet Soup (available on Penguin or directly from me), which is my introductory material to PA’s.

Thank you for checking this out and considering it, even though I didn’t use italics, bold text, or overly braggadocios descriptions.


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