Steve Reynolds – Audience First – A Tribute to Brother John Hamman


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I have to say, this has to be one of the best magic lectures I’ve ever watched. You expanded and brought up so many psychological ploys and subtleties that I had missed when reading through my copy of Secrets of Bro. John Hamman. – Noah Jennings

On this two-hour talk, I celebrate Hamman’s bold card work.

I perform and talk about the classics: Two-Card Trick, Marks Brothers, Underground Transpo, Two-Shuffles Harry, False Witness, Doppelganger Card (Thought-Card to Box).

Plus, I share my Daylight Visitor and St. Louis Lesson.


When I was 15 my parents gave me The Greater Magic Video Library, Vol. 38: Brother John Hamman. This was put out by Joe Stevens.

I had spent the previous year turning a serious practicing regiment of the material in Counts, Cuts, Moves, and Subtlety, into what I would later call my pre-Hamman training program.

The moves in this book were the same moves Hamman used in his tricks.

I was able to quickly understand the mechanics–though Two-Shuffles Harry was a real challenge since it used the Zarrow Shuffle. I was 15 years old.

But, what was more influential was his sly and intrepid approach and it affected me greatly.

I discuss these points with examples from Hamman’s amazing card magic and my own interpretations.

Chock-Full of eye-popping magic.