SIRIously Mental By Michael Pilkey (all videos and all audio files included)


SIRIously Mental is specific for iPhone users, but there is an option for Android users as well and it’s designed for an English speaking audience only.

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A spectator, Adam, thinks of a song and commits it to memory. You bring out your phone and ask them to mentally sing the song in their head. You activate Siri and ask Siri to play the song Adam is thinking of. Siri begins to play “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

History of the Effect by Mikey Pilkey: 

“In early 2017 I posted the basic idea in the Facebook group Svenpad supreme owners group. I couldn’t believe the attention it got. The basic idea was simply saying to Siri “play the song they are thinking of” and Siri would being to play the song. Since then, SIRIously Mental has come a long way. The basic idea was published in the September 2017 Issue of Genii magazine under Jeff Prace’s column “left handed”. In our communication, Jeff and I came up with additional Ideas that take it to a whole new level. First was my idea to make it personalized. Instead of saying “play the song they are thinking of” you can now use their name and say “play the song Samantha is thinking of” Jeff really loved this idea!!! Then Jeff thought of a way to have Siri get the song wrong, then, correct herself and play the right song. This blew my mind!! So now that you know the history, let’s get into SIRIously Mental!!”