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“Back in 2006 I released a DVD called Autograph. It was a INSTANT hit! On that DVD I set out to teach and share a HYPER visual Aniversary Waltz effect. Not only did the signature change places but the cards then fused together into one single card! Unfortunatley, that routine was full of moves I knew that were not perfect. They worked but I was just not happy with it. Since then I have reworked it to where now the transpo happens in THEIR hands, the signature transpo is now FULLY UNCOVERED and it happens right under their noses.PLUS the deck is out of play at the most crucial part of the effect. This is a game changer when it comes to this plot -Justin Miller-

“Love, love, love this streamlined version! I felt the same way performing the original autograph with the unnecessary deck flips etc and you solved it” -Collins-

Effect: A deck is spread face-down and a card is selected by your spectator. They sign their signature on the back of the card and hold it between their hands. You take any random card and you sign your signature on the back. You explain that you are going to try something no one has ever done. In an OPEN and FULLY disclosed moment, (the deck is no longer in play) they VISUALLY see your signture MORPH into theirs. When they turn over their card your signature is now on the back. Both cards are placed Face to Face and placed back in their hands.Then both cards MELT into one single card that they can keep forever.

So what has changed?

Now there is no EXTRA card that is ruined at the end.
The deck is NOT in play when the signatures change places.
They SEE the MOMENT the signatures change places with no cover.
Resets in about 3-4 seconds.
This is A REPUTATION MAKER that will set you apart from everyone else.
You will get 25 gimmicks of Double Back cards and a 30 min. Download
This is the most streamlined version of my popular effect Autograph I humbly call