Sean Taylor – Pineapple Surprise (gimmick can be easily made)


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Explaining what an off beat guy he is, the magician shows a deck of cards and a can of food with the label removed. I always take the labels off my food he says, that way every meal is surprise! A spectator is asked to assist by asking the audience to help name a card.
The first person selecting the color, the second, the suit to chose a random card!
The deck of cards is removed from the box and each is seen to have the name of a food item written on the back.
Fanning the cards, the magician has the spectator remove the chosen card and read out the back. Let’s say it says PINEAPPLE. The can of food is opened and, sure enough, it is pineapple.
Specially printed poker deck, uses just one deck, self working, no force, no rough and smooth.