Scott Alexander & Bob Kohler – The Final Cut


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The Signed Bill To Lemon plot is a classic of magic for a reason. Audiences are amazed and remember the effect for a very long time. For many performers including me The Bill To Lemon has been a reputation maker.

I personally have been on a quest to create the perfect method and routine for 30 years. Scott Alexander and I shared ideas from both of our routines and in 2004 we released a cutting edge version called “The Final Answer”. It’s hard to believe that was nine years ago. The Final Answer was a sensational advancement in the method. As many of you know it was an injection device that delivered the signed bill inside the lemon which was inside of a sealed bag.

The gimmick was revolutionary in design and built by master craftsman Thomas Wayne. Sadly the gimmick is no longer in production and no longer available. Please do not purchase The Final Answer on E-bay. It is a Chinese knock-off that simply does not work. So save your hard earned cash.

Now for the good news. Scott and I have over the last year developed another solution to the Bill In Lemon. As with all of my Pro LIne products this solution has been tested in front of over 100 live audiences. The results have been sensational. The method is new and fools both magicians and laymen.

In fact, for those of you who already have The Final Answer this new product is the perfect complement to the knowledge you already have.

I’m very proud to introduce you to what I believe will become the definitive version for the working professional, The Final Cut.

I know what you’re thinking. Just what the world needs is yet another version of the Signed Bill to Lemon. After finishing the development and testing of the routine I am convinced that this routine is exactly what the professional magic world needs. The Final Cut has been designed to overcome the issues and snags that pros run into every day trying to perform this classic of magic.

Fire…for many years most of the routines used fire to burn up envelopes. Fire is funny. But it’s 2013 and most venues no longer allow fire without special permits. The Solution…included are three routines that do not use fire yet are even funnier than burning the spectators money.

Practicality…it doesn’t get any better than this for working pros. The required items are small and travel well. Set up is 2 minutes max. The method works with both lemons and oranges.

The Gimmick…yes, there is a gimmick. I won’t tell you what it is but I will tell you it’s remarkable. The construction is bombproof. There are NO moving parts. It will last a lifetime. It is a totally new concept.

Test Conditions…absolutely. The lemon can be in the audience BEFORE the bill is borrowed and signed. In my opinion the new gimmick and choreography for The Final Cut not only solve the method better than any predecessors but the MOMENTS are sensational. As great as The Final Answer was I believe that The Final Cut surpasses it on every level. The method is easier to do, and it’s 100% reliable. The moments are much better. Scott has included hilarious patter for all three versions.

The final convincer is the spectator is handed both the fruit and the knife. You show both hands completely empty. You cut the fruit open…no move period. The signed bill is discovered inside!

The Shows…Included are 3 performances in front of living, breathing audiences. Two are on Cruise Ships before audiences of 1000. The last show was filmed at the Magic Castle in the Parlor of Mystery. The Final Cut works just about anywhere from formal close up to parlor to stage. Each performance starts with a different front half which is the set up for destroying the spectators signed bill. Very funny stuff.

The Training…Released on DVD. We cover everything you need to know in extreme detail. Nothing is left out.

Skill Level…The Final Cut is actually the easiest version we’ve ever seen. The remarkable method combined with the gimmick do the work for you. It’s mean and clean beyond belief. You’ll understand it immediately and be able to do it well in one day. Using our tools just add personality and you’re ready to get standing ovations.

For working professionals The Final Cut is a no-brainer. It will surpass all the versions you know. It packs flat and plays huge. Set up is two minutes. It’s unbreakable. It entertains and fools everybody.