Sam Wooding – Mastering Mentalism Vol. 2 Billets

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Mastering Mentalism Volume 2 Billets by Sam Wooding (Instant Download)

Over 15 Billet moves and effects

Hello i am Sam Wooding and this is Mastering Mentalism Volume Two.

In the Second Volume i go into thorough detail on my favourite form of mentalism. Billets! In this volume you will learn

Deactivation, a devious routine with the plot of coffee.

Right Hand, Left Hand, a new subtlety that you can add to all your billet routines.

Additional Opposites, a new routine where the spectator thinks of two random pieces of information and the performer divines both!

TOP, a fun method to add to any of your centre tear routines.

Justifying Billet Tears, a deep piece of theory, describing billet tears and how to justify them.

Reading Prediction, a nice subtlety to add to any of your prediction routines.

WHP, a fun routine where the performer predicts where a coin would end up four times!

Server, an impossible prediction routine where the spectator names two random objects and the performer predicts both objects!

The Mirror Prediction, a fun routine that allows the performer to predict a thought of tic-tac flavour!

Revealing the peeked information, a little piece of theory explaining how to reveal peeked information.

What Size, Pen and Paper to use for Billets, it is exactly what the title says, this is very informative and shouldn’t be ignored.

Credit Billet Knife, an incredible return to an old classic!

Icy Switch, a fun little switch that you will fall in love with.

Icy Billet Tear, a new take on the “Classic Centre Tear”.

Charging, a fun routine using billets and a phone.

Tight Smile, a fun routine where the participant thinks of a time and the performer correctly predicts the thought of time.

Curly, Spectator is asked to write down a word and sign the piece of paper, the spectator then crumples up the paper and holds it in their tight fist. The performer explains that as soon as they steal a thought from the spectator, the thought only exists in the performers mind. The performer explains how they found a new method that allows the information to stay in the spectator’s mind. The performer picks up the paper and instantly the performer divines the thought of word. The spectator opens the paper and finds that all that is left is their signature! The writing is 100% Gone!

Size, spectator thinks either heads or tails and the performers prediction matches their thought! Works 100% of the time with no Psychological Control.