Ryan Schlutz – Pivotal Peek (new penguin version)


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“I was totally fooled. This is now the only peek that I use” – John Guastaferro

“I highly recommend this to any magician or mentalist. You won’t be disappointed.” -Troy Hooser

“Fooled me BADLY. It’s so clean! In the right hands this move will add devastating power to your magic!” -Michael Eaton

“Love this” -Nathan Kranzo

“When you’re fairly far along your professional career it’s a rare moment to find something that you would have killed to have since the beginning. Ryan Schlutz’s Pivotal Peek is exactly that. If you’re ever going to use a deck of cards in your show, do yourself a favor and get this today so you won’t be kicking yourself a few years down the road.” -Jamie D. Grant

Imagine being able to secretly learn what card your spectator picks from a borrowed SHUFFLED deck… THE MOMENT THEY PICK IT. You don’t need to FIND OUT the card later… YOU ALREADY KNOW IT.

It’s the magician equivalent of INVINCIBILITY. You can use it within tricks you already do, or use the devastating trick you’ll learn from card master Ryan Schlutz on this video.

Ryan Schlutz has been DEVASTATING audiences with this trick for years, including TOP CARD MAGICIANS.

And here’s the best part, it’s not crazy hard to learn! Even if you’ve only been doing card magic for a few months, you could master this move in a single day.

What You Get

* Detailed instructions on performing the Pivotal Peek, including all of Ryan’s subtleties to maximize its impact. * 2 full length professional card magic tricks you can add right to your act. * Live performance footage

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