Ryan Murray – Curious Weaving

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This book is a detailed look at advanced weave shuffle technique derived from the faro shuffle. With techniques going well beyond what a regular faro shuffle can accomplish, the content of this book is sure to interest and challenge even one who is already an expert on the faro shuffle.

The prologue of the book is an in-depth discussion of the regular faro shuffle, covering the properties of the technique, the use of it as a control, how to check for mistakes, as well as detailed descriptions of the author’s preferred techniques.

The main content focuses on a mixture of rarely published and new techniques that are based on the faro shuffle. This includes techniques to place cards in every third position, weaving cards together in groups of two, and a practical method for a 3-shuffle. Towards the end, the author explores applications of the techniques that include methods for stacking, a card production from the card box, and a three phase routine that left the editor questioning the sanity of the author.

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Prologue: The Faro Shuffle

     Detailed discussion of the in-hands and tabled methods for the faro shuffle 
Chapter 1: The Lopsided Weave
Weave in Thirds

     Method of weaving the cards to land at every third position.
Weave in Fourths
     Using the same method to place cards at every fourth position.
Bizarre Weave
     This one is hard to describe. The cards are weaved together in a pattern that is regularly irregular.
Chapter 2: The Double Weave
The Double Faro
     A detailed look at a technique that has been rarely published. Cards are weaved together in groups of two.
Weave Count
     A facilitated method for counting a large number of cards from the bottom of the deck. 
Triple Faro and Beyond
     Notes on using multiple Double Weaves to get more complex patterns.
Facilitated Weave in Thirds
     A much easier method for placing cards at every third position. 
Double Weave in Thirds
     Similar to Double Faro, but cards are weaved together in groups of three.
Chapter 3: Related Technique and Applications
Separation in Thirds
     Similar to Christian Engblom’s Anti-Faro, but separates out every third card instead.
The K-Shuffle
     A practical method to accomplish the mathematically generalized faro shuffle.
The Perfect Riffle Shuffle
     Notes on using a perfect riffle instead of a weave.
Inverted Rising Card
     The deck is placed into the card box and all cards slowly sink into the box leaving only the selection remaining outjogged.
Ace Production
     Using the Inverted Rising Card as an ace production.
     Methods to stack for five, six, or nine hands using the weave shuffles from chapters one and two.
Ultra Memoria
     A three phase routine that begins as a pseudo memory demonstration and ends as a complete impossibility.
Final Thoughts
Appendix: References