Robert Anthony – POWERFUL PLAYING CARD REVELATIONS (Instant Download)


Turn any card “trick” into and EXPERIENCE your spectator and your audience will remember forever!

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Powerful Playing Card Revelations for Magicians and Mentalists is a complete system designed to take your card revelations to the next level. You will be able to provide a detailed analysis into WHY your spectator chose or ended up with their particular card, reveal the hidden meaning behind their card and learn how to incorporate this into your presentation. The end result is pure astonishment. Now you can by turn any card “trick” into and experience your spectator and your audience will remember forever.

What you will learn:

• The History of playing cards. How and why playing cards were originally designed.

• How the COLORS, SUITS, NUMBERS and PICTURES have been encoded on playing cards a reason.

• How Each SUIT – Hearts, Clubs, Spades or Diamonds – reveals a different personality characteristic and what the card represents in the spectator’s life.

• How the NUMBER cards starting with 1 (ACE) through the number 10 represents the level or importance of the SUITS.

• What message each PICTURE (COURT) card – JACK, KING and QUEEN has for the spectator.

• How to combine all these aspects to give your spectator an “insightful revelation” into the hidden meaning behind their card. Your spectator and your audience will be mesmerized by your keen insight.

• How to have every spectator leave with an optimistic feeling and excitement about the card they chose or ended up with.

• How you can tailor your card revelation to any style of magic or mentalism.

The basics of this simple and easy-to-learn method will enable you to get started right away. For more in-depth revelations, a scripted reading has been provided for each of the 52 cards based on their Suit, Number or Picture.

You’re going to love doing this and you’re going to do want to do this as often as possible!