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“Neal Scryer and Friends” is a big book (over 600 pages, 6″ x 9″, hardback) containing over 20 new effects from Neal Scryer, plus the favorite effects from 85 of his friends.

These include many high profile names, such as: Jerome Finley, Ted Karmilovich, Mark Salem, Docc Hilford, Ron Chavis, Bob Casssidy (Dr. Crow), Paul Shirley, Paul Carnazzo, Esmeralda “Gypsy,” Joshua Quinn, Craig Filicetti, S.E. Rivkin, Doug Dyment, Misaki Gabrielli, Jonathan Stravinsky, Toni Iacoviello, Richard Mark, Aroldo Lattarulo, Clairaudio, EXP, Joseph Curcillo, Richard Webster, Father Anthony, Abha, Dan (Evil Dan) Terelmes, Prince Thebs, Colleen Terelmes, Rich Hennessey, Neal Rider, Roy Shubert, Sal Franchino, Rick Roth, Bob Killian, Nick Belleas, Allen Zingg, Mauricio Jaramillo, Bobby Torkova, Greg Edmonds, David Thiel, Witch Doctor, Charles Garner, Patrick Redford, Daniele Nigris, Anthony Jacquin, Kev Sheldrake, Ken Dyne,  Luca Volpe, Walter Davis, Sebastian Black, Jon Stetson, Looch, Scott Grossberg, Raj Madhok, Alexander Thomas, Paul Romhany, TC Tahoe, Thomas Heine & Rainer Mees (ParaLabs), Alexandre, Mota, Nefesch, Meraux Dantes, Darrell Mac, Max Maven, Ross Johnson, Colin McLeod, Paul Voodini,Banachek, Alain Nu, Pablo Amira, W. M. Barclay, Alexander Nelson, Bill Montana, Christopher Taylor, John Riggs, Michael Weber, Tony Razzano, Rudy Hunter, Iain Dunford, Carlos Emesqua, Owen Darque, Juan David Arbelaez, Joe Zabel, Sibyl, H. Arcana.

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Testimonials and Endorsements:

“Neal Scryer’s books are fascinating, intriguing and revealing, with priceless information and know how for any Mentalist. Having created my international live TV series “The Next Uri Geller” and meeting hundreds of amazingly skilled and talented performers in the field of mentalism, I can see how books of this nature could inspire young artists who want to enter the world of mind manipulation.” Uri Geller”

I politely don’t give endorsements for books, but I want to make an exception here. The information contained in this book is as rare and amazing as the only word Annemann used to call forth the spirits, “Gabatha!” Docc Hilford

“This is not another book full of magic tricks posing as Mentalism. This is the real thing.” Michael Weber

“The mysterious Neil Scryer has used his persuasive powers and finagled his comrades and associates into contributing their most perplexing effects and presentations to a compendium that is destined for classic status in the world of magic and mentalism. Scryer now joins Andruzzi as a legend.”   Ross Johnson

“Neal Scryer and his works have become an incredible source of inspiration to professional mentalists around the globe for numerous good and well deserved reasons. They are by far the most enjoyable, useable and textured books showcasing the REAL WORK behind our craft that I’ve read in the past decade…and his latest masterpiece is no exception! Amidst a million poor examples of what pure, effective psychic entertainment should look and feel like, Scryer has appeared once again to reveal a better, truer way that until now was almost wholly lost.” —- Jerome Finley