Richard Sanders – The Richard Sanders Show Vol. 1

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The Richard Sanders Show Vol.1 (DVD)
8 creative stunners that have been part of Richard’s close-up arsenal for over 20 years!
You’ll learn underground miracles that are practical for real world use.
Take your magic to the next level with The Richard Sanders Show!Named: Watch the scribble from a magic marker VISUALLY TRANSFORM INTO A SPECTATOR’S NAME! Perform this miracle anywhere and anytime. No advance preparation necessary. Just walk up to a complete stranger and perform this amazing demonstration!

Double Bill Switch: Watch a borrowed $1 bill transform into a $50 bill, then into a $100 bill and then back into a $1 bill. The bills are shown front and back after each change and you are clean all the way through! A sure-fire, crowd-pleasing miracle!

Behind My Back: A CARD IS CHOSEN WITH THE CARDS HELD BEHIND THE PERFORMER’S BACK. The magician, hands still held behind his back, turns around slowly, revealing the selection between his teeth… a real stunner!

Gobsmack Pack: There is one face down card in the face up deck. A spectator names any card. The face down card is turned over and on it’s face, written in indelible marker, is the name of his thought of card. A real reputation maker and immediately repeatable with any card named. No nail writers or rough and smooth and completely self working!

SynchronACEity: A diabolical self-working routine with built in surprise finish. Together, the spectator and the performer manage to find the 4 aces in the fairest manner possible!

Pile of Change: Change a spectator’s penny into a quarter and then GIVE THE QUARTER TO THE SPECTATOR as a souvenir. Here’s the amazing part: you have nothing on you before and after the trick, there is no preparation and you do not lose any money performing this miracle… completely impromptu!

Cramped: A signed bill vanishes and then reappears inside the cap of a marker that the spectator used to sign his bill! The spectator holds the marker throughout and the spectator, himself, pulls the bill out of the marker cap!

Magic Marker: A secret weapon in your pocket. It’s a marker and a super visual card revelation all wrapped into one unit. An amazing, practical stunner!
You receive the special bonus material to make this trick work.