Reynold Alexander – Penguin Live Lecture (January 7th, 2018)


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“Reynold Alexander is a wonderful magician and has an eye for detail.” – David Copperfield

“Reynold is a hidden gem from Puerto Rico whose lecture has a little something for everyone.
Plus, everything he shares (Close-Up to Stand-Up) is thoroughly audience-tested from his
professional repertoire!”
 – Gregory Wilson

“Reynold’s lecture is full of inspiring ideas and practical details from a true professional that thinks
about his show, the kind of things you rarely find in books.”
 – Rafael Benatar

“I just attended Reynold Alexander’s lecture at the Magic Castle. Great advice from a real-world worker! Lots of practical methods and routines that really made sense. Reynold speaks from his heart and his experience.” – Paul Green

“Reynold Alexander will blow you away with simple ideas. His line of thinking is very clever and practical with the real world performer in mind.” – John Bukowski

“Reynold — thank you so very much for coming all the way from Puerto Rico to lecture for us the other night. I have to tell you that the comments from Ring members I heard over the past few days were that you were fantastic! What people loved most is that you’ve taken some amazing effects and made them easier to do — after all why does magic have to be difficult? I hope you take this as a compliment when I say … you remind me of a Puerto Rican version of Gaetan Bloom — because simplicity is his mark in magic as well.” – Danny Selnick, IBM Ring 50 President

“I have been a performer and an observer of magicians for the past 45 years. I have seen a lot of the greats. My highest recommendation for magician, performer, and lecturer Reynold Alexander. I call him “Alexander the Great!” – Dr. David Boltson

What will he teach?

Stand up and Stage material:

Rose and silk routine Very commercial and straight to the point CD and silk penetration

Scissors production knotted in a rope with fire Great way to start cut and restored rope

Card manipulation holder design that goes straight to back palm

Clean bottle holder for bottle production

TWO Non body loads bird productions

Kid material:

Needle through balloon presentation using new version of a needle

Perfect Misers dream ending

Close up:

Out of this world split ending

Flipping the finger (giving the finger in disguise)

Who is he?

Reynold Alexander is mostly a performer. His lecture material comes straight from his show and it has been tested thoroughly. POWERFUL PRACTICAL REAL WORLD TESTED MAGIC!

Reynold has lectured at the Magic Castle, Fantasma Magic in NY, Spanish Society of Illusionists in Madrid among others including Joshua Jay’s MagiFest in Columbus, Ohio and Murhphy’s At the Table Experience. Reynold Alexander is a seasoned professional, has starred in his own TV Special and collaborated with David Copperfield on a piece of magic for his show.