Reel Magic Magazine – TNT (Tuesday Night Tricks) Season 3


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TNT: Season 3

“Tommy” – Aaron Fisher
Aaron Fisher demonstrates the amazingly visual reversing deck effect, “Tommy.”

“Pocket Pool” – Edward Oschmann
Edward Oschmann finds a selected card using an 8-ball in his “Pocket Pool” routine.

“Fly” – Josh Janousky
Josh Janousky shares his coins across routine, “Fly.”

“Heba Haba Al Sugar Cube” – John Sturk
John Sturk demonstrates the legendary Sugar Cube trick popularized by Chicago bar magician Heba Haba Al.

Rubber Bands “Get Ready” – Jeff Prace
Jeff Prace shares a great get ready for Dan Harlan’s Rubber Bands.

“Cool Coin Box Routine” – Carroll Baker
Carroll Baker shares some great ideas for the Okito Box in his “Cool Coin Box Routine.”

“Visual Card to Pocket” – Edward Oschmann
Edward Oschmann shares a perfect opening to any card to pocket routine.

Josh Janousky’s “Lexicon” – Jeff Prace
Jeff Prace demonstrates Josh Janousky’s amazing cellphone card revelation, “Lexicon.”