Reach Beyond The Sun by Art Vanderlay (Instant Download)


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The Prophecy Principle – This is a principle that can be applied to almost any book that allows the apparent choice of a free choice of any word on any page in an un-gimmicked book whilst still limiting their selection to just a few words – Updated & expanded

My Mind Or Yours – This is a way to be able to predict anything or read anyone’s mind at any time just using business cards. it uses a very old and classic method but with a nice added layer of deception

Emotional Fire Bending – Whilst subtly demonstrating your abilities to manipulate fire, you are reveal the name of someone’s true love

Tv Magazine Test – A magazine test that can be done at any time and any time there is a TV Guide to hand – Updated & expanded

Phantom – A word is chosen from a book, a friend is thought of, that very same friend then calls the spectator under a hypnotic trance and names the correct word. Perfect for TV or to impress a V.I.P

ESP Opener – A quick demonstration of precognition using just your business cards.

No Skill Chair Test – A chair prediction that is easy to do and understand. Can be adapted to suit corporations or products.

5th Dimensional Telepathy – Only 3 slips of paper, 3 pens and 3 envelopes are used. Can be done 100% impromptu and uses no gimmicks or special envelopes whatsoever.

This stuff is liquid gold! – Pete Turner

Your work is sublime! – Neal Scryer