Pringull Bundle by Jedrick Prudente

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The Pringull Bundle is a collection of some of Jedrick’s unique and favorite flourishes that he has created over the last 6 years:

Moves Included in the PRINGULL Bundle:
TILT CUT 2 – A vertical three packet line display with a smooth transitioning into an aerial move.

PRINGULL – A one handed bird display that is highly flexible when it comes to unique applications, with Pringull Shot and the Broken Pringull Display.

BASIC TWIRL – A simple and unoriginal, yet effective, one card twirl around the deck that acts as a great compliment to many combos and can be flexibly transitioned into from many openings.

PRINGULL SHOT – A packet of cards or a single card shoots out of the Pringull Display right onto the deck in your other hand. Pringull Shot is sure to challenge cardists with its intriguing, one-of-a-kind mechanics and improve the diversity in one’s repertoire.

BROKEN PRINGULL DISPLAY – A one handed five packet “star-like” display is swiftly formed right after doing the Pringull Shot, the eye candy of the PRINGULL BUNDLE. Geometrically interesting and closely symmetrical, this unique display is sure to please the eyes and amaze cardists and laymen alike.

PRINGULL SHOT COMBO – A combo utilizing the moves taught in the bundle consisting of the Pringull Shot, the Basic Twirl, and the Broken Pringull Display.

For the price of a decent deck of cards or a venti frappucino at Starbucks, you get to learn some of the most unique flourishes in cardistry that you wouldn’t want to miss.