Tristan (George Arkomanis) – The Magic Show (Music for your Show)(Instant Download)

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Tristan brings something really special to the world of magic!
The Magic Show album! A unique collection of twenty
magical compositions, with a variety of styles and mood,
created especially for the art of magic, by the well known & awarded magician – composer Tristan (George Arkomanis).

These pieces are not just common music tracks.
These are high-standard and high-level inspired music
with artistic character, which have already been used
by leading magicians around the world!
Now they’re yours! By buying the “Magic Show license”
you can use them in your own shows, in your own videos…
Almost everywhere!
No more libraries, no more searching,
no more complicated licensing, no restrictions!

Discover now the magic of music!…
The music of magic!

“It’s not often a product comes along
which instantly enhances your act.
George Arkomanis (Tristan) is a great music composer,
who elevates the art of magic!
His music has really strong arrangement!
I will be using his music on my own shows!”

Franz Harary

“Great & very useable music!”

Jonathan Pendragon

“I love your music! It’s not only perfect for performance,
but good enough to drive and relax with!”

Rocco Silano

“I highly encourage people to listen to the new artistry by Tristan.
Combining his knowledge of music with his love of magic, he has created
“The Magic Show” album. Bravo to Tristan on this original concept!
Magicians will thank him for this!”

Norbert Ferre

“Breathtaking music for any performer who wants to
take their magic to the next level!”

Dirk Losander

“I have already started to use his music!
Highly recommended!”

Jorgos Pampoukidis

“Great music! We love it!!!”

Sos & Victoria Petrosyan

The Magic Show license allows you to use, in person, the album,
in an unlimited number of projects (for 10 years from the date of purchase) in the following ways:

– Private Shows (Weddings, Corporate, Parties etc.)
– Event Halls (Theaters, Hotels etc.)
– Entertainment Venues (Night Clubs, Restaurants, Bars etc.)
– Festivals & Competitions
– TV & Radio Programming (Guest Appearances, Talent Shows etc.)
– Online Streaming (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)
– Websites & Social Media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
– Podcasts
– Videos & Slideshows (Artist Promo etc.)

By purchasing the license, you obtain the license to use the music album “The Magic Show” and not the copyright, which belongs to the creator George Arkomanis (Tristan Magic).