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“Its an instant Classic for the next generation of performers, this book will give you a solid foundation. The only thing you will need other than this book to succeed is Big Fearless Balls…”
– Paul Kozak

Thoughts on Performing Stand-up Comedy Magic by Nathan Kranzo

This new book contains 116 pages and 9 chapters filled with Kranzo’s hardest won secrets, professional advice, and war stories. If you ever wanted to be funny while performing magic, this is the book for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to transform a simple card trick into a stand-up showstopper that will entertain a room of 100!
  • How to make ANY trick truly FUNNY (and up the pure entertainment ‘punch’ for any crowd you meet!)
  • The number #1 secret to choosing funny material that works for YOU every time.
  • How to ensure you get the proper introduction to start your performance off so you can really ‘knock ’em dead when it counts!

And many more hard-won secrets to comedy magic!