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Full Disclosure is the first book by UK magician, Simon Jacobs.

The creator of Secure-A-Card and Tenzing, now brings you a collection of his favorite card material.

Simon openly admits in the book that he’s not famous, not a big trusted name that you can rely on to buy their product without getting buyer’s remorse.

So here are a few reasons to take a punt on this un-known Northerner:

There are no fillers or pipe-dreams. Only real-world, audience-tested material direct from Simon’s repertoire and years of experience performing for a paying audience.

With effects that can be picked up within a few minutes to routines and moves that will take more practice there really is something for everyone. Whether you are a hobbyist, amateur or seasoned pro, Simon is sure that you (and the people you perform to) will love the material from this book.

Amongst others you will find plots like Oil and Water, Mystery Card and Anniversary Waltz, (both with and without gimmicks), as well as packet tricks and a knuckle-buster of a routine that shows for the first time Simon’s one-handed double lift.

Not only that but Simon has also included several toolbox moves including full deck false cuts and his work on the slip cut force.

Printed in glorious full color the book has:

19 routines

6 toolbox moves

68 photographs

As if that wasn’t enough you will find within the 116 pages the “Full Disclosure” section. A director’s commentary on the book full of insight as to what the effects mean to Simon as well as alternative handlings.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy before he’s famous.