Place the Ace by Matt Pilcher

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Place The Ace By Matt Pilcher contains two great four ACE production routines in one INSTANT DOWNLOAD.
– The first routine – Either yourself or a spectator can shuffle the cards, you then give the cards a cut and what do you know, you’ve cut directly to an ACE… Maybe you got lucky? Maybe you’re just that good? Though when you do the exact same thing three more times your spectators will have no choice but to abandon the idea of luck and applaud your magnificent skill with a deck of cards.
– The second routine – You explain that no matter how many times a deck of cards is shuffled and cut an ACE will ALWAYS appear 13 cards from the top. Sounds crazy right!? .. Well you’ll prove it to them. You hand the deck out to be shuffled, take the cards back, give them a cut and then count down 13 cards on to the table. You turn over the last card and it IS an ACE. You repeat the same process three more times, proving that as strange as it may seem. No matter how often a deck of cards is shuffled and cut, an ACE will ALWAYS appear 13 cards from the top.

– NO Peeks
– No False Shuffles
– No Extra Aces

This is ‘Place The Ace’ By Matt Pilcher