Peter Turner – Vol. 6 – Numbers


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Numbers by Peter Turner

This is the 6th Volume of Peter Turner’s Mentalism masterclass. This Volume is about Numbers.

This is the only volume where Peter talks about his feelings and thoughts during the creation procedure so you have a chance to step in Peter’s everday life for some monents.

As always Peter’s teaching is very enjoyable to read and very easy to understand.

Effects included:

Serial Killer: This is a prediction effect with a very cool story around it. The spectators make all the choices the can change their mind as many times they wish. This effect is very clean it pack small and plays huge!

Cypher: In this effect the performer ask one spectator to think his pincode and another spectator to think a name. Both the pin code and the name is revealed in a unique way!

Life Equation:

This effect can be done over the phone anytime. The spectator is invited to create a special number that uses important numbers from his life. He have a free selection that makes a total. The performer able to reveal that number over the phone.


This effect is a comletely clean HANDS OFF ACAAN with a kicker ending that is just genius!

Data Spaced:

In this volume one of the contributors is he one and only Paul Brook. Data Spaced is an unbevlieveable 3 phases mind reading routine with a personal touch that the participant never foget.

Numbers up:

This is a contribution by Ben Cardall. Numbers up is a demonstration of insane memory skills.

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