Peter Turner – Sweet Force of Mine 2 (official pdf)


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This effect is sweet and simple and is literally a dream in the hands of a competent performer. In writing it is
very difficult to capture the essence of this effect, but if you follow my scripting closely you will surprise
yourself with the results. As this effect is of a psychological nature, audience management is required, but I
promise it is not too labour intensive.


The performer is seated with a participant, he hands the participant five ‘ESP’ cards and briefly explains the
‘Rhine Experiments’ and how one would test for psychic ability using the symbols that they are holding. The
performer explains that he/she also has a matching set of cards.
The performer places one of his/her cards facedown, he then telepathically attempts to send the symbol to the
participant and they are asked to place down a card bearing the symbol they believe matches the performer’s
facedown card. This is repeated for the rest of the cards. During this process the participant is asked a series of
random questions and is at one point asked to imagine a drawing inside her mind.
At the end of this process each of the cards are turned over, and they match!
As a kicker, the performer directs the participant’s attention to an envelope that has been on the table the
entire time (this can be in a wallet, purse or pocket and is down to the discretion of the performer) the
participant is directed to open the envelope and it contains the exact drawing that the participant thought of!