Peter Turner – Bigger Fish 2 (Mentalism at its Best, limited Edition)


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The material in this book I am extremely proud of and would say it is my best work to date!
The book is £200 (which inc postage) The original one is selling for more than this on ebay and I have no doubt this one will go up as soon as the copies sell out.The book is 215+ pages (which is less than a pound a page) each page packed with solid information. Here are just a couple of highlights in the book.Billet-less name guess – Any time any place name guess! The participant never writes anything down; this is as close to real as real gets.

Billet-less Pin/ phone code – As with the above, guess this information any place anytime, again as real as it gets.
A moment from a memory in time – The performer sits with a group of people and addresses a female in that group. After asking her a couple of questions about her intuitive nature, the performer asks the participant to join in attempting to divine a memory.

The participant is placed in a particular frame of mind and she starts to feel answers, and with no prior knowledge of the performer, the participant reveals several pieces of information that include places and names, all of which are confirmed to be true!

My update on seven keys to the baldpate – So clever it will make you slap your head and wonder why you ever considered carrying around keys and a lock.

Life equation pin guess – Realtime billetless pin guess 100% accurate and easy to perform, can be done over the phone! Venom variation (life equation variation #2)

Graphology (sub variation of the baldpate routine).

Pray proceed revisit – with three drawing revelations

Pray proceed 2 – The performer asks one of two participants to take out a stack of coins from their pocket. When this is done the performer turns his back and asks the the pair to quietly decide between themselves which one of them is going to select one coin.

One of them reaches forward and selects any coin from the stack (it really is a free choice).

They are asked to quickly look at the date on the coin and then close their hand.

Both participants are instructed to place their hands behind their back and it at this point the performer turns back to face the participants.

He then looks at each participant in turn

He points to one of the participants.

Performer: “There is no coin in your left hand, bring it out show us it is empty”.

He then moves over to the other participant and tells the person he hasn’t got a coin in his right hand and to show it empty.

The two participants now have one hand behind their back each.

He stares at the participants for a few seconds telling the first participant to sit down as he is not holding the coin. He then looks at the second participant and deduces the exact date!

In short, he not only deduces who has the coin, he deduces which hand the coin is in and finished by divining the date!

The participant has a completely free choice of coin, they are they are supplied by the participants, there is a completely free choice of who picks up the coins and which coin the hand ends up in.

Billet-less name place routine

The performer sits with two participants; we will call the participants Michael and Bill.
The performer sets two unique tasks, one for each participant. Michael is asked to try and guess a name that the performer is thinking about.

He gets to change his mind as many times as he likes.

The performer writes down the name he has in his mind and drops it into a wine glass.

Bill is then asked to think of a city (the participant has a completely free choice). The performer starts to talk about the smells and the sounds in the city, the people and when he is happy he has read Bill to a degree that he thinks he knows the city he writes it down on a piece of paper screws it up and drops it into the same glass.

Let’s say that Michael thought of the name “Zach” and Bill thought of “Paris”.

The glass is tipped out and the papers are unravelled to reveal the name “Tom” and the city “Paris”!

They never write anything down, the participants have a completely free choice, there are no shady billet switches and each participant is free to change their mind as many times as possible.

My revisit of the Bob principle – Imagine being able to walk up to anyone, any place anytime with nothing and whisper their pin code/ date of birth or any other random piece of information that there is no possible way you could know and have it confirmed to be 100% accurate.

Learn how to create false memories and several other essays that will take your mind reading to the next level.