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Thaumaturgicity is the last release for Perna so that Perna can go back into hiding for hibernation.

This is a collection of ideas that could put you in jail with your bunny rabbit because of how deceptive they are.

In Thaumaturgicity, you will learn:

Iki: This is a Kurotsuke routine using playing cards. The performer is able to find who is lying and who is telling the truth based on the color of the card they chose and reveal a thought of name.

Palpa Utility: This is a tool that allows you to force a number so that you springboard into another effect of your choice.

Out Principle: This principle allows you to know the identity of a playing card from across a room.

Don’t hold back if you want to be a criminal of deceptive feats in mentalism! Get Thaumaturgicity today!