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This is the most held-back material of Perna’s material which was kept in a safe in an alien spacecraft. This manuscript is an extension of Meshugaas displaying some of the boldest techniques in mentalism and hypnosis.

In this manuscript, you will learn:

Fugue Steal: The performer is able to steal from the wallet of a participant and open it up in front of the participant without them even remembering that it happened. No whispers and No instant stooging are involved, it”s something totally different!

Cynic Net: This technique allows you to reveal a PIN of a heckler to help you get them on your side. You do not peek at anything and no information is told to you! You write down their pin and they will have a smile on their face.

Cloche Peek: This is a peek where a participant places a billet that they wrote on the inside of the hat, you then give it to another participant to have them reach in and tear up the evidence. The performer is then able to peek at the information and reveal however they please to do so.

Deem Principle: This principle helps you to peek at a card on top of the deck while the deck is underneath the table. The participant secretly gives you this information without even realizing it.

Get ready to dive into the world of Quasi today!