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Well, here it is! The book has been in a making now but Perna has finally finished up their long-awaited book of secrets.

This book is full of material that gave Perna their name in mentalism and is a stand-out piece when performed.

The book starts with two forewords by Perna’s friends Fraser Parker and Ross Bartels and then you dive right into the material

Everything from card material, propless star sign reveals, diabolical principles, hypnosis techniques, and stage pieces fill this book which makes it perfect for any level of performer in the art form. You will find Contra, Synchro, and Perna’s takes of the propless reverse star sign reveal. But there is more material that has not been seen by the eyes of the mentalism community.

Included in this book, some material you will learn are:

EMMM Force: A devious way of forcing an option of five based on a childhood game.

Erebus: This is a pseudo-hypnosis technique that will help in hypnotizing one participant. Once executing this technique, you will be able to have the participant do anything that you want them to do.

But Perna has a surprise, there is a special guest contributor in this book and their name is Ross Bartels! Some of the material that you will learn from them are

Lexiconic Duplication By Perna and Ross Bartels: This is a co-created piece by Perna and Ross where they found a way for the participant to think of any word that they want using Alphabet cards. Once the participant has a word in mind, the participant is asked to think of a drawing associated with this and the performer can reveal what this drawing is.

Mirror Touch by Ross Bartels: This is Ross’s take on the classic PK touch effect as you have never seen it before! I remember Ross performing this effect over a video call and I almost fell out of my chair….I will say that again! OVER A VIDEO CALL! The performer draws on a billet, gives it to the participant, and the participant is asked to close their eyes. They are asked to think of someone touching them on their body and call out where exactly that is. The performer asks the participant to turn over the billet and to the participant’s amazement, there is a stick person with an X on the exact spot where they felt their touch!

These effects and many more can be found in this book so I hope you are ready to experience the world of Orestium!