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Inside the vaults of Perna, comes the newest release of some of the most astounding ideas in mentalism and hypnosis.

Perna has shocked audiences and participants with the effects that lie within this manuscript!

Inside Idiosyncrasity, you will learn:

Mogul: This is Perna’s technique of doing a name amnesia effect using imagery that the participant is knowledgeable with. This allows the participant to forget to say their name.

Seren: This is Perna’s new way of having the participant think of a tarot card amongst a group that they choose from the bunch. This is based on a Perna release but flipped on its head and once you know the secret you will automatically smile when you read it.

Covetity: This is Perna’s take on the find-the-hidden object plot where the performer will turn their head and the participant will hide the object underneath one of three cups. With no questions and no mixing procedure, the performer can reveal which cup has the object and even reveal what the object is prior to finding it.

Perna’s is very happy for their fans to blow the minds of audiences that they encounter. I hope you are ready for the world of Idiosyncrasity!