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Just when you thought Perna was done releasing products… here comes this manuscript full of ideas that were created during isolated times in Perna’s life.

In Haruspex Isolation Notes, you will some of the most amazing effects and techniques which help to annihilate your audiences.

In this manuscript, you will learn:

August: This is a very easy psychological card force where the participant picks a playing card, changes it mentally, and you are able to reveal the exact card that they created.

Nuru: This is Perna’s ingenious way of doing a reverse name guess with the participant. This is a propless technique and is very conversational in nature.

Gnomy Force: This is Perna’s devious technique to shuffle a deck of cards face of cards in front of a participant and know exactly what playing card a participant thinks of.

Mitt Force: You will be able to force a tarot card that someone mentally chooses and control it.

Eidolon: This is Perna’s favorite way of having the participant guess exactly what is on a tarot card. There is no instant stooging or psychological forcing. the participant does all the work and they are able to guess aspects that are on the tarot card.

Redolence: An opening effect is allows for you to have participant chosen by asking them to imagine smelling an unwanted scent (when they really don’t). People will start standing up even though they can’t smell anything.

Perna also teaches a way to take this effect a step further by showing how you can guess a scent someone is thinking of.

Falsifist: This is hypnotic effect where the performer has their arms outsrecthed up against a wall and a line of participants is asked to push the performer towards the wall as hard as they can. The performer is able to not be pushed up against the wall thus creating a beautiful picture for social media.

Surmise/Cinquain: These are two techniques which youn will learn that help to know exactly what a participant is thinking of. This is a perfect and fun alternative to magician’s choice.

Fantoccini Induction: This is beautiful induction which looks like you are controlling the participant as a puppet. Without you standing next to the participant, you will be able to cause their arms to raise up in the air as if by your own control.

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