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Book of Luvvie is a compendium of some effects that Perna does on stage. They have captivated audiences and captured the attention of participants when performing them.

In this manuscript, you will learn:

Meian: Five participants join the performer on stage and are asked to grab one ball out of a bag that is filled with an array of white and black balls.

Once each participant has chosen a ball, the performer explains that, if they have a black ball, they will think of a fear. However, if they have a white ball, they will think of a hope in the form of a question for their future.

The performer now goes on to find who has a fear in mind and who has a hope in mind, whilst also revealing relevant information that was not written down during the performance. 

Suke The Drunken Monkey: This is a fun way of doing a Kurotsuke based on drinking. 4 participants are asked to think of a drink and then grab a bottle cap from the pocket of the jacket while the performer looks away.

The performer labels each bottle so that there are 3 sober characters and 1 drunk character. The objective is for the performer to find the drunk character in the lineup.

Once this “drunk” person has been found, the performer goes on to reveal the favorite drink they just thought of. After the routine is over, if a heckler says, “Well what was everyone else’s favorite drink?”, The performer can then reveal the other participant’s drinks as a kicker ending to the routine.

Nom De Guerre: The performer can walk out on stage with nothing on them and reveal thought of names from three participants out in the audience. There is no pre-show and no one is in on the effect!

This is an adventure that Perna hopes that you are ready to go on as they are very proud of their creations inside of this manuscript!

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