Penguin Magic Monthly – January 2019 (+ reading card for “Unbuttoned”)


This month features Max Maven, Brad Henderson & Chiam Yu Sheng. Plus tricks and theory from the world’s best working magicians.

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January 2019 PMM Contents

Quick Trick Coin of Invisibility
By Josh Burch

Scent of Aces
By Chiam Yu Sheng

Reviews and Recommendations
The Propless Mentalism Starter Kit
By Josh Burch

Mastering the Classics
Time Is It
By UF Grant
With Updates from Nathan Kranzo

Gags and Gimmicks
Envelope Gag

One From Carey
Cheeky Caan
By John Carey

Do Me!
By Josh Burch

By Max Maven

An Interview
Max Maven

Top Ten
Brad Henderson’s Top 10 Books

Gimmick Included
By Josh Burch