PAUL VIGIL & TCC – PHANTOM PIN (Easily DIYable, props not included)

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The magician invited a spectator to put the pin into the handkerchief and fasten it.

And then, the magician tore the handkerchief and removed the pin. When everyone thought that the handkerchief could not be restored, the magician gave a magical gesture and unfolded the handkerchief.

It was intact, back to the perfect condition!

The magician then lets the spectator buckle the pin in one of the corners of the handkerchief and points to any position on the edge.

The magician pulled the pin to the position specified by the spectator. The pin moved like a ghost on the handkerchief and finally stopped at the position pointed by the audience. The handkerchief that was crossed by the pin is still intact.

  • Centennial classical magic
  • Lifestyle and easy to carry
  • No need to prepare in advance, you can perform it at any time
  • Design of handkerchief is vintage and beautiful
  • Can be examined by the audience before and after the performance
  • Suitable for close-up and parlor
  • Perform surrounded

3 colors in total,We will send it randomly.

Product in the trailer is sample version,see the final products in the pictures.

Handkerchief size: 43 * 43cm

Pin size: 7.5 * 1.3cm

Material: Pure cotton